Every company goes through a rough experience when it comes to web development projects and mainly because this department is underestimated by many. But you can put a stop to this exacerbation by putting an end to the myths that every CEO has for web development. Some of those are debunked below.

  1. Every team member must be involved

Instead of involving everyone into a conference room to brainstorm ideas, you must only let in people who will be involved in web development Singapore. Get your brand assets, content strategy, user flows and business objectives sorted for good. Never invest loads of time in technical planning, layouts, database architectures, designs or widgets.

  1. Websites are a mere commodity

Making the most of pre built templates is ideal for a few companies, but for those having a big picture ahead and taking brand and online presence seriously, such templates don’t come in handy. Always deem your website as a core investment and employ necessary resources. Seek designers and developers that understand your business, ask you the right questions and seek optimal solutions. It may cost you a lot, but it’s all about ROI that’s worth it.

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