Craft job descriptions that attract top talent

Elevate your hiring process with the StoryBuilt Job Description Template, a game-changing tool for creating job descriptions that resonate.

Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill job descriptions

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, standard job descriptions often fail to capture the essence of a role or the unique culture of a company. This oversight can lead to a flood of generic applications, making it challenging to identify the ideal candidate amidst the sea of mediocrity.
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Stand out and attract exceptional candidates

Imagine having job descriptions that not only inform but also inspire. These descriptions paint a vivid picture of the role, enticing top talent to envision themselves as valuable contributors to your organization. With the right language and structure, you can attract high-caliber candidates who are genuinely excited about the opportunity.

A powerful framework at your fingertips

The StoryBuilt Job Description Template provides a clear, user-friendly framework for crafting job descriptions that make an impact. It guides you through each essential section, prompting you to craft a story they want to be part of, or quickly self-select out of, which is just as important. It also lets you know when to highlight key responsibilities, company culture, and desired qualifications. With this framework, you can wave goodbye to bland descriptions and welcome a wave of exceptional applicants.

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Wisdom for the modern recruiter

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, our mission at StoryBuilt is to equip you with the tools you need to thrive. We understand the pivotal role that job descriptions play in the recruitment process, and our template reflects this insight. When you choose StoryBuilt, you choose a partner committed to your success in attracting and selecting top talent.

Simple steps to standout job descriptions


Step 1: Access the template

Download the StoryBuilt Job Description Template and open it in your preferred word processing software.


Step 2: Fill in the details

Follow the prompts in the template to enter information about the role, company, and desired candidate profile.


Step 3: Create your compelling job description

Utilize the framework to craft a job description that not only informs but also captivates potential candidates.

Transform your recruitment strategy with compelling job descriptions


“I was nervous about putting job descriptions out. They completely broke the mold. They were engaging and exciting to read – but were like no other job description. I could see the direction connection to the brand and growth strategy we had developed with Jeani and we agreed to a ‘test’ of the job descriptions with a minimal budget.

I couldn’t have imagined what happened. We did it over the Christmas holiday week and had 200+ applicants and I couldn’t find more than a few that were at least worth considering. We removed the postings after two days and had our two new crews.”

— Operation Manager for a StoryBuilt Client

Quality job descriptions lead to exceptional hires

Empower your recruitment strategy and experience the following benefits:

  • Attract a higher caliber of candidates who resonate with your company culture
  • Save time and resources by streamlining the job description creation process
  • Push away poor fit candidates, saving to time and heartache
  • Improve the quality of your hires by setting clear expectations from the outset
  • Enhance your employer brand by presenting compelling and authentic job descriptions
  • Find team members who are not just qualified, but enthusiastic about contributing to your company’s success

Download the StoryBuilt Job Description Template today and revolutionize your approach to attracting top talent.

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