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Contractor's Daughter Podcast

Stagnation can be a heavy burden for companies in the highway industry. Being stuck in neutral means falling behind competitors, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled growth potential. 

Break free from the cycle of stagnant growth and accelerate down the highway to success with the right guidance and shared insights from other industry leaders and influencers.

Jeani Ringkob is a third generation contractor and an absolute business strategy and marketing geek. Subscribe today to catch all the insights and grow your business.

May 3, 2024

Growing Your Business with AI: Unlocking Efficiency and Success

Explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the highway paving industry. AI is more than just a trendy concept; it’s a potent instrument that requires a well-thought-out strategy for it to be a boon for our businesses.  My own company’s experience served as a case study, highlighting how AI integration, when aligned with our overarching business objectives, can significantly boost efficiency and foster growth. We delve into the ways AI can address some of the pressing challenges in the industry, such as labor shortages, by automating tasks and optimizing data entry processes. Additionally, AI’s role in refining supply chain management, showcasing its potential to streamline operations and reduce bottlenecks. In this episode of The Contractor’s Daughter Podcast, I spotlight […]
April 26, 2024

The Difference Between Toxic Superstars and Type A Team Players

It’s time we dove into the hiring landscape of our highway paving construction businesses. We start by tackling the tricky task of distinguishing between toxic superstars and the much-preferred type-A team players.  We’ll discuss the damaging traits of toxic superstars, who can disrupt our teams and harm our company culture. More importantly, the value of type-A team players—those with a strong work ethic, a collaborative spirit, and a willingness to grow and why coachability is a critical quality for potential hires. My goal in this episode of Contractor’s Daughter is to help you refine your hiring strategies to ensure a healthy, productive workforce that drives our businesses forward. Listen in for practical tips on how to test for coachability during […]
April 19, 2024

Unlocking Success: Sales, Culture, and Hiring Insights with Tom Reber

We’re sitting down with the master of sales today, Tom Reber. Get a sneak peek into the world of sales strategies and company culture as Tom imparts his knowledge on what it takes to excel in sales within our industry. Discover the secrets behind understanding customer motives and learn how to avoid the common traps that many fall into when navigating the sales process.  In my engaging conversation with Tom, we delve into the art of building the perfect team and the discipline required to achieve sales success. Tom and I explore the importance of refining your sales process and the impact it has when onboarding new talent.  Tom’s insights on the personal touch and curiosity in sales will leave […]
February 1, 2024

Proactive Prospecting Dead For Dealers and Contractors? with Miles Kaplanides

Is proactive prospecting a lost art? Whether it is or not, how do you stay in touch with that side of your business? After all, without leads, your business won’t have the customers or workforce to fulfill contracts and will eventually die out. So how do you and your sales team regard this piece of the business puzzle? My friend and special podcast guest Miles Kaplanides is back for the second part of our conversation. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, we dive into staying focused on proactively prospecting for your business growth. You’ll learn some of Miles’ insights on selling, association participation for prospecting and business development, and so much more! 1:41 – Why Miles is worried […]
January 25, 2024

Partnering with Your Dealer to Improve Operations with Miles Kaplanides

Do you think of dealers as your adversaries? Too many contractors often think of dealers as those to avoid until something breaks down and needs replacing. But what if you saw them as true partners with the intention of helping you grow your business? Today, I have friend and industry peer Miles Kaplanides on the show to talk about the relationship between dealers and contractors and how it can be better. He has perspectives and insights on improving the construction industry from the sales side of equipment dealerships. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn about how strife between contractors and dealers leads to inefficiency in your business. Miles and I will also discuss the value of […]
January 18, 2024

Sales vs Marketing: Align Them With Smarketing

Sales and marketing are essential to any business. But are they at odds with each other in yours? If so, then your business isn’t as efficient as it should be. So how do you get both departments on the same page? Instead of having sales and marketing as silos, you need to embrace a concept called “smarketing” for the two areas to work in tandem. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn how smarketing works. I’ll also walk you through the customer journey and the benefits of implementing smarketing at each stage. 1:49 – What is smarketing? 3:18 – What the customer journey looks like, from awareness to advocacy 7:34 – How I help clients implement smarketing […]
January 11, 2024

How We Can Help Your Construction Business Overcome Workforce Obstacles

In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn about the three critical workforce problems that construction businesses face. I’ll also tell you how you can turn those pain points into a strategic advantage that makes your company stand out in its market and positively affects your ROI.
December 21, 2023

How You Can Use the Strategic Growth Flywheel to Hire a Great Workforce

Now, in the final part of the workforce podcast series, you’ll discover how to bring it all together by applying the Strategic Growth Flywheel to your internal workforce development solution. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to investigate, identify, and then implement going forward to get a steady stream of the best-fit workers you can find for your business.

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