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Stagnation can be a heavy burden for companies in the highway industry. Being stuck in neutral means falling behind competitors, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled growth potential. 

Break free from the cycle of stagnant growth and accelerate down the highway to success with the right guidance and shared insights from other industry leaders and influencers.

Jeani Ringkob is a third generation contractor and an absolute business strategy and marketing geek. Subscribe today to catch all the insights and grow your business.

December 14, 2023

Areas of Your Business You Can Leverage to Support Better Leads for Hire

In part two of our workforce series on the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn about what you should reconsider or develop within your business to attract better leads for hire. I’ll teach you about a few areas you can leverage to create an internal solution to your workforce problem.
December 7, 2023

How to Reset & Reframe Your Thinking About the Workforce Problem

In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn how to reset your thinking about the workforce... and the generation that gets accused of being the cause of the problem. I’ll teach you the mindset shift you need to make and how brand strategy plays a part in the solution.
November 30, 2023

How the Strategic Growth Wheel Helped TXAPA’s Workforce Development Campaign

In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll see how this flywheel plan comes together through each phase. You’ll learn about what we asked about, found, prioritized, and implemented to get the maximum results and best ROI for TXAPA in the short and the long term.
November 23, 2023

Why Business Owners Struggle to Implement Even the Best Strategies

With the third and final piece of the Growth Strategy Flyheel, people sometimes forget to ensure they finish strong. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn about some of the things that might be getting in the way of you implementing your strategy. I’ll also reveal how to increase the value of your business as you increase the effectiveness of your operations.
November 16, 2023

How to Identify and Prioritize the Right Opportunities for Your Business

In part two of this Strategic Growth Flywheel series on the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn how to figure out which problem or bottleneck to concentrate on first and which has the most effect on your business. I’ll dive into the second phase of the flywheel with a couple of strategies to help you zone in on where to put your focus next.
November 9, 2023

Investigate: Diving Into the First Phase of the Strategic Growth Flywheel

In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn how to dive deep into the investigation phase. I’ll teach you how taking this first step to an overarching informed strategy will help you coordinate and eliminate boundaries between marketing and sales to increase your revenue.
November 2, 2023

Strategic Growth Flywheel: A Gateway to an Informed Business Strategy

Almost half of business leaders have strategic planning failure because they can’t adequately track the execution of their strategy. But you need an effective strategy, though–an informed business strategy. Does your business have a flexible framework with a top-end strategy in mind? A strategic growth flywheel provides a simple tool to generate great output that can be repeatedly used in your business. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll get an introduction to the flywheel. I’ll give you a high-level view of it and teach you the three-step process to use it so you can ensure your strategy dictates the business tactics you employ, not the other way around. 4:47 – What a heuristic is and an analogy […]
October 26, 2023

Real-Life Business Benefits to Optimizing Your Offseason: A Client Case Study

Everybody loves a story. One day, I was thinking about what story I could tell to demonstrate what I’ve talked about in the previous episodes about optimizing your offseason… and I came across the perfect one. So, we’re not quite done with the offseason just yet! In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, I walk you through a case study of an actual client of mine. Through this story, you’ll learn how optimizing your offseason can impact your business and help you make better decisions along the way. 1:13 – A quick recap of the “Optimize Your Offseason” podcast series 4:00 – How this client made a super easy mistake that lots of people make 7:40 – The problem […]
October 19, 2023

How to Execute Your Business Strategy On the Tactical Level

What is your next busy season going to look like? Will your team be operating with a clear, strategic destination in mind? Will they know how they can get there and be able to make quick, smart decisions that move the business toward the goals you’ve set? In the conclusion of this three-part series on Contractor’s Daughter, you’ll learn how to move from strategy to deploying the tactics that’ll move your business closer to your strategic objective or outcome. I’ll teach you how to narrow down which tactics to use and reveal three things every strategy must have so you can really leverage and get the most out of your offseason. 4:03 – Questions to ask yourself for each tactic […]

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