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Contractor's Daughter Podcast

Stagnation can be a heavy burden for companies in the highway industry. Being stuck in neutral means falling behind competitors, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled growth potential. 

Break free from the cycle of stagnant growth and accelerate down the highway to success with the right guidance and shared insights from other industry leaders and influencers.

Jeani Ringkob is a third generation contractor and an absolute business strategy and marketing geek. Subscribe today to catch all the insights and grow your business.

June 29, 2023

Women of Asphalt Is Just What We All Need

Over twenty years ago I felt pretty isolated in this industry. I was young, I was a woman and I was blessed to have great mentors…but they were all men. I didn’t even know I was craving for a woman to look up to and model what it meant to be a woman trying to make an impact and finding my place. It was even hard once I had a family and began to juggle even more. Finding and getting connected with the incredible founders of Women of Asphalt, renewed my excitement about really stepping up and showing up for an industry that has done so much for me, my family and the country.  Every time I get a chance […]
June 22, 2023

Make Every Customer Touchpoint Grow Your Business

Every experience you customers (and employees – and industry partners) have with you is a chance to exponential add value and grow your business better and FASTER. To understand how this works and how you can encourage your team to think about the touch points strategically is by applying a model we call the Clock Model. This model consistence of the three phases each relationship goes through – pre purchase, purchase and post purchase).  We can actually get a lot more juice from the squeeze if we don’t think about this journey has happening linearly. Learn how each touch point can be strategic and HIGHLY leveraged to multiply growth in your business. Mentioned In Make Every Customer Touchpoint Grow Your […]
June 15, 2023

The Untraditional Rise of Leadership That Marks Our Industry

The Heavy Highway Construction industry has always had a stubborn streak.   -Just ask my husband who has to deal with my whole family- Think about some of the leaders you know and love in this industry. Where did they come from? I grew up with a different believe about how people develop into leaders than most people my age and I believe that as a gift. Shawn Brost, Vice President of Vance Brothers, is a perfect example of a story that is at the core of the leaders that have influenced the infrastructure we drive on. This is a great story to share with our HR departments and inspire them to find within our own businesses. Beyond that we should […]
June 8, 2023

Two Areas You’re Under-Leveraging Marketing Revealed

Marketing may house the the most under-leveraged tools that can grow you business and ensure your brand is valuable inside and outside. Using effective and proven marketing techniques and messaging frameworks are essential to keep the team we are building and the team we already have engaged and performing. It also has a direct link to their job satisfaction AND how they engage in word of mouth to brag on your companies and attract more great talent. Mentioned In Two Areas You’re Under-Leveraging Marketing Revealed Get on the Calendar Growth Strategy Assessment  Jeani on LinkedIn Blacktop Banter Network More Episodes of The Contractor’s Daughter Podcast You’ll Find Helpful How to Reset & Reframe Your Thinking About the Workforce Problem Areas […]
June 1, 2023

Getting Behind the Scenes of the Engineers at the Core Of NAPA

National Asphalt Pavement Association is more than just the pretty face that represent everyone building infrastructure with asphalt. The good news is they are more than that.  At the core of the NAPA team are two engineers that have an endless passion for everything that supports the asphalt industry. If it’s happening in our industry they know it and they can speak to it.  Richard Willis and Bret Williams took at few minutes at CONEXPO 2023 to share what is at the core of NAPA biggest projects, why these are the issues that matter and how they impact business owners and leaders in the industry. NAPA membership is critical for those serious about connecting and growing the strongest businesses. My […]
May 25, 2023

How Marketing Content Can Get Your Sales Team Across the Finish Line

What if you could take your sales cycle and cut it in half? What if you could attract more inbound *QUALIFIED* leads? What if you could have less sales people and less sales expenses? What if you could give your sales team super powers? I believe – no, I know – that creating THE RIGHT content can help you track results in all these areas. Mentioned In How Marketing Content Can Get Your Sales Team Across the Finish Line Get on the Calendar Growth Strategy Assessment  Jeani on LinkedIn Blacktop Banter Network More Episodes of The Contractor’s Daughter Podcast You’ll Find Helpful Two Areas You’re Under-Leveraging Marketing Revealed Strategic Growth Flywheel: A Gateway to an Informed Business Strategy Make Every […]
May 18, 2023

Leaning into Being a Serial Entrepreneur

It actually is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to have multiple successful businesses. Being a serial entrepreneur is a real thing AND it can actually can be a super power. Skip Tovornik did just that and is sharing how having multiple companies has actually allowed him to make each of them stronger. Learn what has worked in growing ALL of his businesses. Skip also shares how he leans on other to be able to have the head space to create all the ideas in his head. He has managed to build a team that allows him and them to all reach their best results. HINT: “Listen to your people” Each business has one Vital Need at each moment but when you […]
May 12, 2023

The 6 Communication To Accelerate Customer Conversion and Loyalty

What does your customer really think about you? How long does it typically take for you to really get to know them and build trust? Are your communications valuable to them…or are they annoying? When it come to our professional relationships the name of the game to get to conversion is to get them to KNOW – LIKE – and TRUST you.  Studies show there are some ways to get to this trifecta faster and more effectively. One of these ways to to show up in a variety of mediums when it comes to your communication. In this episode we will discuss 6 different ways we can engage with our prospects and existing customer in order to ensure we are […]
May 4, 2023

Power of Video to Drive Online Traffic and Demand

Driving demand for our products and services is at the very core of a successful business. Too often we tell ourselves that what’s working in more everyday consumable “won’t work for my product/service”. Yet the way people make decisions and are driven to choose one option over another boils down to connecting their problem to our solution… Video is an incredible quick and effective tool to connect those dots and drive demand and awareness. In this part two of a three part interview with Skip Tovornik and Thomas Trott of Traffic Pro Beds we learn how one video did just that. Stagnation can be a heavy burden for companies in the highway industry. Being stuck in neutral means falling behind […]

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